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Focal Length:10.797mm
Shutter:1/25 sec
Camera:Canon IXY DIGITAL 510 IS

Please feel free to add a comment to the blog……but if you need to contact us quickly to provide you with a quote or to discuss your requirements please email: or leave a message on the following tel # 403 467 5204

2 comments on “Contact us!”

  1. We are having a community picnic on June 10th 11am – 2pm with about one hundred kiddies under the age of ten. Please advise rates and availability. I would imagine we would need two face painters to avoid long lines?

    • Hello Kathie,

      Thanks so much for your query. I would recommend you have more than one face painter for the numbers of children you are catering for – Our fee would be $100.00 per hour PER Painter – I am assuming you are based within the city limits. If you are outside the city limits a small charge would be added for travel costs. Depending on what you are hoping for, we can paint detailed full faces at a rate of 8 per hour ( we can do 10..but getting the kids into the chair and making decisions always takes away time!) so you would need at least two painters to ensure that the majority of kids are painted if they wish to be. We can of course, do smaller, simpler designs, which ups the flow rate – you are the client, so we take our brief from you. Our only requirement would be tables from which to work and a few chairs….and access to water. If you are planning to do this outside then we would request shade or a tent under which to work, for the safety of the children and our equipment (wind and rain and sun can be a bit of a challenge!!) I hope this helps. Please feel free to call me on 403 202 3228 if you wish to discuss this further.

      Liz Mortlock

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