Recommended established face paint suppliers

Continuing the thread on Halloween face painting, it occurred to me that it would be helpful to recommend some established businesses where, I know you can access really safe cosmetics for your Halloween needs.  (I don’t work for them, and they are unaware that I ‘m plugging their businesses).

These are, as I say,  established businesses.  They are open year round, offering professional supplies to theatre groups, local clown alleys, magicians, professional face painters and anyone in the dress up market!  Their staff know the inventory, and they are trained to know how products work and how to achieve special FX looks.  I urge everyone to shop as local as possible, and put your money in the pockets of those who really DO deserve your business.  Give the pop up stores the slip and go to these guys!

These are by no means the only suppliers …but these are the ones I CAN recommend.  Check your yellow pages for an established business near you…or purchase on line.


Don’s Hobby Shop (2 locations in Calgary)

Don’s had a great range of theatrical make-up and a fantastic team of knowledgable people who can give good advice. They also sell online

Chuckles (Calgary)

Established costume shop, opposite Chinook Mall.  They stock great make up and costumes.  Their inventory is on the shop floor, they don’t specialize in online stuff.

Dotsy’s Entertainment Company (St. Catherine’s, Ontario)

Carries a wide variety of professional make-up and has a very knowledgable staff.  You can order online and they will ship to you.  They also specialize in costumes and all halloweeny stuff.

Hokey Pokey Shop (Ontario)

My personal favourite! …An Online Store with a personal touch.  They are super knowledgable and ultra efficient and very good value for money!  This team specialize in make-up, balloons and accessories for the face painting industry, but they sell kits too, so I’m happy to recommend them here.

Other good online suppliers include:

Silly farm.  (USA)

Charles Fox (UK)

The Face Painting Shop (UK)

just be aware that purchasing overseas will incur brokerage charges and hefty shipping too…!

If you have a favourite supplier, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


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