Calgary and Alberta Health and Saftey guidelines

We are asked all the time about what is and what isn’t strictly ‘legal’ in face painting in Alberta – the reasons for the regulations are clear.  They are in place to PROTECT our customers.


(personal services at Special Events and Trade Shows)

 Because I work predominantly in Alberta, I am expected, as are all the painters who work with us, to adhere to the stringent health and safety guidelines laid down in this document.

Our sponges are washed in a hot wash with bleach after every event, and a client can be confident that the sponge used for their face is exclusive to them and their design.  Once we have completed their design, the sponge is discarded for cleaning immediately, and NEVER used on another client’s face.

Our brushes are thoroughly cleaned after every event, and we use a chlorine solution and an antibacterial wash for brushes during every application of make up.  Alcohol is used to clean brushes, but we additionally rinse off traces of 99% alcohol so that it never comes into contact with childrens’ skin.

Our paints are kept clean between events, and all have a small percentage of anti-bacterial agent in their make up, to ensure that temperature changes can’t promote bacterial growth when not being used.

We take our clients’ health and safety extremely seriously.

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